About Us

About Us

About Us


FEDDO is a global engineering and design consultancy company, registered and headquartered in Australia (Perth) with significant market credibility with the main aim of serving the Energy and Mining sector, providing a range of Consulting Services to the Industry which includes both the Oil & Gas sector, Metal and Minerals, and the Renewables sector.

Our Mission

"to empower the future"

Our Vision

"Accomplishing what others can only imagine"

Core Values

Safety | Integrity | Trust o Excellence | People | Technology | Giving Back

Our Commitment

We operate under a Quality Management System (QMS) of ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our environmental policy extends across all of our operations and sites. FEDDO Group operates a 'Safety first': no accidents; no harm to people.

Why Us

We are the best in-classOil and Gas Servicing Firm

We strive for harmonious relationships between operations and safety, energy and the environment, corporate and community interests to the satisfaction of our clients.

Outstanding Service

We focus on delivering sustainable and fit-for-purpose project engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance solutions.


We use technology focused on improving operations and facilitating growth for outcome efficiency, and this drove capital efficiency and growth.

Test & Deliver

We rigorously test all solutions and equipment ensuring all features as promised have been delivered.

Our Clients